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  • The Surprising Life Benefits of the Decorative Pillow

    I despised decorative pillows. Decorative pillows, those colorful, oddly shaped pillows that seemed to adorn the beds of every hotel I’ve been to, always confused me as to their function. Every time I encountered these colorful-yet-uncomfortable pillows I wondered, “Is this a menu of pillows to select from?”  “Are these special ergonomic pillows I’m not…

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  • What 500 Japanese Lessons Did to Me

    I noticed today that I passed 500 Japanese lessons on iTalki, the platform I’ve been using to learn Japanese. Combine that with my previous lessons on Verbling, and my total lessons as of today (Jan 2019) comes to exactly 680 lessons over 2.5 years. 500 lessons seems like a lot. It’s been a slow and…

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  • Anatomy of a DJ Mix: Summer 2018

    The compact DJ controller I picked up this year has reminded me why I got into DJing and why I enjoyed it so much. As an old-timer DJ who swore by Technics 1200s, I wrote about my thoughts on the effect of modern DJ tech in a separate post here. A DJ mix (especially when…

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  • This is What it’s Like After 2 Years of Studying a Language

    As of 2018, it’s been about 2 years since I started learning Japanese. I study for about an hour each day and wrote more about the process of setting goals on autopilot in a prior post. One of the most common questions I get asked is “How is your Japanese going?” How is your Japanese going?…

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  • Lovable Products Have These Characteristics

    With technology moving at such a fast pace, countless innovations and products are constantly introduced. Particularly in the tech industry, where rapid iteration is practiced widely, products can be outdated even after a year of introduction. New innovations and changing/adapting consumer tastes affect the life-cycle of a product. With so many tech products being released…

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  • Did Technology Kill the DJ? How Tech Forces us to Adapt.

    In the early 2000s, while trying to make mixtapes for friends, I discovered the challenge and joy of DJing. Djing quickly became one of my biggest obsessions at the time and kicked off a decade long endeavor into hand picking and mixing songs into a musical journey of a mix. DJing was hard.  Not only…

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  • How I Think Less and Accomplish More

    Note: This post is derived from a talk I did at Amazon in Seattle. Based on some questions I received, I thought I would write further details. I also wrote about my experience in developing the talk in a different post. When I was in college, I got inspired to learn Mandarin Chinese. I decided…

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  • How to Prepare and Deliver a 5 min TED Talk or Ignite Talk

    I recently had the opportunity to participate in a storytelling and speaking event at Amazon. The event itself was like a TED talk or Ignite talk showcase of various Amazonians and their stories. The talks ranged from the competitive world of sport cup stacking, to dealing with disorders, to ironmans for the rest of us.…

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  • Here’s How Walmart Plans To Beat Amazon

    Note: All posts reflect my views and opinions only Part of the fun of I had with Mason Park, the e-commerce startup we had, was the challenge of understanding the players and the market to predict where e-commerce is headed. In the past few years, there has been no shortage of news on the struggles of…

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  • Startup No More – Shutting Down Mason Park

    On a cloudy morning in San Francisco, my co-founder and I huddled into a conference room within our work-space. We had recently finished our latest round of user feedback sessions and feature tests and were discussing what was next. On the glass walls of the conference room we were in, we sketched out everything we…

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“Writing is a way to remember things, clarify thinking, and share learnings.”

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