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  • My Top Startup Lessons And Entrepreneurship Lessons

    Since working on our startup, Mason Park, for about a year and a half, one of the most common questions that come up is “What are your top lessons from working on a startup?” The lessons learned I’ve learned have been numerous and wide ranging – some expected (eg. you have to be resourceful), and…

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  • How To Get More From User Research

    When designing a product, the most important goal is to match a user’s needs and wants with an elegant solution that satisfies those needs and wants. A good product satisfies the needs of a user, while a great product not only satisfies the needs of the user but goes beyond and offers such a satisfying…

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  • Building A Marketplace – Adding Value to Sellers and Buyers

    With Mason Park, we’re a marketplace of independent retailers that serves a consumer audience. To build our marketplace we needed to provide value to both sides – the businesses on our marketplace, as well as the consumers who would shop on our marketplace. To determine what value we could bring to sellers and buyers, we…

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  • Why Snapchat’s $129 Toy Are A Glimpse Of The Future

    As smartphones gain in capabilities and more and more of the planet becomes tethered to our pocket sized computers, there continues to be a lot of buzz about what’s next. Wearable tech has been discussed for years already – fitness trackers from Jawbone and Fitbit, smartwatches from Apple, Samsung, and just about everybody else (e.g.…

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  • What’s the Future for E-commerce?

    Given all the movement from Amazon lately and through my own experience in ecommerce via Mason Park, I thought it’d be fun to try playing fortune teller a bit – Where can ecommerce be headed in 2-5 yrs? When we conceived the idea for Mason Park, we approached it with the mindset that mobile ecommerce was the…

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  • How to Stay Relevant in the Age of Amazon

    There’s no question that Amazon has, and continues to revolutionize the retail industry and beyond. While many businesses and the media focuses on fighting Amazon, or the damage that Amazon has done to traditional retail, what we’ve learned from our research and experience is that fearing and fighting Amazon is probably the wrong approach for…

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  • How Getting Punched in the Head Helped Me Build a Better Startup

    About a year ago, I took up boxing more seriously. While I had enjoyed boxing already, the classes I took typically were more boxing as cardio exercise and less boxing as a sport. It was a great workout and a fun way to pick up some boxing basics. And then I started sparring. Now, instead…

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  • Reasons I Love Tech: Becoming Conversational in Japanese

    I’ve studied some languages before – French via the Canadian school system, and Mandarin via a mix of self study audio courses and classes. However, in neither case would I claim knowledge of the language. I’ve definitely been scolded more than a few times by French and Mandarin speaking natives for not having better knowledge…

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  • Brick & Mortar Isn’t Dead – Why People Still Go In-Store

    The “Retail Apacolypse” continues to strike fear among retailers as more and more traditional retailers struggle or shut down. It’s possible to conclude that the future of brick and mortar is dead. I disagree. With Mason Park, an e-commerce marketplace I co-founded, we feature independent brick and mortar boutiques to help with e-commerce and discovery.…

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  • How Everybody Failed to Beat the iPhone

    With 2017 being the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, there have been numerous articles reminiscing on the historic device. The buzz got me thinking about the other side of smartphone world – what happened to all the other smartphones not named iPhone or Galaxy? I spent much of my career in the smartphone world so…

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